Guardsman Tires

Guardsman tires

Guardsman tires are the top rankers when it comes to entry level all-season tires packed with premium features but at the same time remaining on the low-budget side. Whether the new tires are meant for your family’s car or light utility truck, be assured of a smoother ride, safer driving experience brought by improved traction and grip, and of course, durability that gives a longer tire mileage. Many vehicle owners are already impressed with the quality of tire they get for such an affordable price.

About Guardsman

One of the most common inquiries on consumers’ mind about the brand is; who makes Guardsman tires. Guardsman is an exclusive vehicle tire line owned by Sears. The company outsources the production of these tires from a number of companies. A number of manufacturers are linked with the brand like Omni, Radar, Copper and Bridgestone. It is important to note that regardless of the manufacturer, all the Guardsman tires should have the same specifications and quality because it is Sears that sets these standards.

Tire Options

Currently, there are two major lines or variants for this brand of tire: Plus and LT. Each line has its long lists of options according to size or your vehicle’s make, model, engine and year.

Guardsman Plus tires

  • Guardsman Plus tires. The Plus line of tires is manufactured specifically for passenger cars. With comfort and safety in mind, each tire is equipped with an efficient tread design. These are suitable for most standard cars but the highlight is the classic design which should look great on your vintage or classic vehicle.
  • Guardsman LT tires. The LT line on the other hand is a premium yet affordable option meant for light trucks (LT). Traction is one of the most important driving factors when it comes to these heavier vehicles. That is why the brand has focused much on this aspect. These tires also provide greater stability brought by their unique stiff interlocking center plus its immediate ribs.

Guardsman LT tire

What Do You Get from Guardsman Tires?

Here are some of the top benefits or advantages when you fit a Guardsman on your vehicle:

  • An all-season tire. These tires are designed to endure all the changing seasons. It only means there’s no longer need to change tires. No need to buy extra accessories and these can be used all year round. Now you can enjoy your short and long journeys regardless of weather.
  • Best grip and traction performance. The top selling point of these tires is the smart tread design that will keep your wheels stay on track or on the road even at high speeds and especially during wet or snowy conditions.
  • 50,000-mileage warranty. Cheap price doesn’t always mean sacrificing durability. Guardsman’s guarantee is that their tires will continue to serve its purpose up to 50,000 miles. If you are one of those who believe on the 100,000-mile life rule for their vehicles, the warranty offered by the brand may already cover half the lifetime of your car.
  • Uniform tread wearing. Related to durability is the feature of uniform tread wearing. This also translates to stability and a better ride.

Guardsman tires review

  • Safer ride. Extreme highs and lows could affect the performance of vehicle tires. And Guardsman assures safer rides even when confronted with these conditions. These tires also feature protection against hydroplaning.
  • Comfort. The end result of these tires’ unique features is nothing else but riding comfort on and off the highway.
  • Affordable tires. What makes Guardsman a favorite entry level tire brand? Simply because you get quality and functionality for such an affordable price not to mention the excellent customer service you get from its seller.

Guardsman Tires Review

Even if Guardsman does not belong to the list of top and popular tire brands, the commendation it gets from consumers is highly positive. Most customers exclaim that this brand is the best option when it comes to the budget tire line or range. Other pleased reviewers experienced a much comfortable and smoother ride after using these tires. Overall, almost all previous and existing users of Guardsman tires are pleased with the performance of these tires.

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